About Anna

Nutrition expert, Thirsty, passionated and zest for life. CEO and Founder of Foodpower for people.

Annas philosopy:

I live. I love. I laught. And I eat. I think there´s nothing more beautiful than a person who feels good in his or her own body. And I´m not talking about pounds and wrinkle. For me, life and healthy food mean possibilities, pleasure and heading toward a place of radiant energy and an abundance of joy. It´s about treating and giving ourselfes the best of the best, and doing the best we can.

Bio Anna Ottosson 

– Anna is one of Sweden’s most prominent dietitians who has worked with food and nutrition for 20 years

– Vice president for Swedish Dietetic Association for 11 years and Swedish delegate in European Union in the nutrition field.

– A frequent guest in TV-shows as a nutrition expert

– Founder and owner of Food power for people

– Author, of 3 books (best-seller, no 1 on top-lists) and continuous articles in leading magazines as Elle, Womens health, Sports and Nutrition etc etc and national Newspapers

– Winner of: ”Swedish best healthblog” 2016

– Traveling around the world for latest trends and doing trend seminars

– Initiator and founder of Foodpower Cancer Rehabprogram – a Cancer Rehabilitation for cancer survivors focus on the power in food

– Thirsty Smoothie Queen